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What is hopprlab?

Inspired by the legacy of Grace Hopper, hopprLab emerges as a bootstrapping initiative for Asian Hospital and Medical Center to open the door of endless possibilities in building software and hardware that will eventually foster technology evolution. We, at hopprLab aspires to transform your concepts into actual lines of codes and to turn your ideas into reality. After all, no dream is too big and no idea is too small. Together, let us innovate and create something beyond boundaries.


Offers wide range of timely applications deployed and maintained in the cloud that are accessible with your browser anywhere from desktop to mobile screens.


Engage customers with simpler and more efficient applications that will provide similar services to those accessed on the web while taking advantage of the unique features a mobile device can offer.


Organize, visualize and analyze data to meet dashboards, reports and share insights that will measure your organization's performance.


System of physical things embedded with sensors, software, electronics and connectivity to allow better performance by exchanging data between interconnected devices.

Darren Blanco

Team Lead

NiƱo Venzon

IoT and Cloud Infrastructure Administrator

Erjel Labetoria

Web / API Developer

Dia Loraine Ann Aguilar

Web / API Developer

Princess Joy Esmenda

Web / ETL Developer

Cedric Jude Salas

Analytics Developer

Ressa Martinez

Analytics Developer

Patricia Louise Goyal

iOS Mobile Developer
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